Water-related issues are one of the major problems facing the world in the 21str century. With recent global environmental changes, increased human activities, and rapid socioeconomic development, the world has been facing new challenges on water security and water resources management. Pressing issues related to natural hazards, water resources, water environment, and aquatic ecosystems have been emerging. Climate change and urbanization have caused occurrence of abrupt hydrological extreme events more uncertain, which makes prediction and prevention of floods and droughts more challenging. Water resources availability and balance between water supply and water demand at regional to country levels have been substantially altered under global climate change, which leads to additional water security risks. Highly intensive human activities have also largely altered fluvial geomorphological processes and fluvial ecosystems, which causes more complicated aquatic problems. Urbanization and large-scale resources exploitation have deteriorated water quality of numerous water bodies, leading to severe water environment issues. Coupling and interaction of the above issues make problems more complicated. A holistic, systematic, and comprehensive review and investigation of these problems is necessary for conquering these challenges. Developing new methods and technologies for water resources management, water pollution control, and reclamation of river basins are also imperative. Studies in these areas are critical for securing water security and sustainable development for the world.

The symposium aims to promote the sharing and exchange of the state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, technologies, methods and policy approaches to watershed water resources management and comprehensive reclamation of river basins. Its overarching goal is to enhance scientific capacities of counties towards high efficient water resources utilization and management and sustainable development, and to advance knowledge and technologies for reclamation of river basins.